Education awareness

Education and public awareness for the environment and its conservation is constantly increasing. In iSea we believe in the value of education and awareness and, by focusing on the new generation, we aim to develop participatory actions that will motivate the public to take an active role in confronting current problems.

We are glad to announce the contribution of iSea on the wonderful work of "Asterion Draseis". Team of qualified therapists implement programs to develop children's social skills through the application of external activities (visits to museums, theaters, Art, Environmental actions etc.).

iSea and the diving centers Divers island Kalymnos and Skopelos diving center organize a conservation diving course to support the marine projects of iSea concerning litter, fisheries, alien species and mapping of the benthic organism. The project is located at the west Side of Kalymnos and Skopelos islands and it will run during July and August 2016. 

iSea successfully participated in the programme “Summer School 2016” part of the Office of Environmental Education, Secondary Education Western Thessaloniki.