With warm volunteer participation completed the beach cleaning event of iSea on Sunday 14 May at 11:00!

More than 30 volunteers participate to the event, collecting almost 50 kg of marine litter from a small coastal area.

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Following the widely disseminated incident of the unusual landing of 30 Giant devil rays (Mobula mobular) in Izmir, Turkey, (http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/galeri-40391823) and the reported information, that the fishmongers’ intention is to market the catch, mostly to Greece, we would like to express our serious concerns.

The Giant Devil Ray Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788) is one of the most magnificent and charismatic animals of our oceans. It has been recorded to attain a maximum disc width (analogous to wingspan, as used for bird morphometrics) of five metres, the largest of its genus, while it presents an extremely low reproductive rate, by giving birth to a single large pup at unknown intervals. Its geographic range is limited to the Mediterranean Sea and possibly to adjoining eastern Atlantic waters. 

In the context of the new collaboration establishment between iSea and the Management Authority of the Lakes Koronia kai Volvi, educational and beach clean-up events took place in the coastal zone of the lake of Koronia on October 6, 2016.