“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Along with the foundation of iSea, it was decided to form the photography team in order to cover and support the actions of the scientific team. The photography team accompanies the scientific team in the field and will create its own projects in order to point out environmental problems and awaken ecological consciousness through photographs. There will be periodical educational workshops concerning environmental issues, shooting techniques and videography. Furthermore, the team will be responsible for recording and promoting documentaries, always in collaboration with the scientific group, addressing both professionals and non-professionals, in order to create a volunteer network around Greece.

Team Supervisor
Ioakeimidis Dimitrios
email: dimitris.ioakeimidis@isea.com.gr

Photo gallery of Coastal Cleanup on N. Mixaniona, Thessaloniki

Photo gallery of  Initiative knowledge empowerment to certified and sustainable fisheries

Photo gallery of coastal zone cleaning of the lake of Koronia.

Photo gallery of coastal beach cleaning in Axios.

Photo gallery of Participation of iSea in "The Biggest Celebration of volunteering" on 15/09/2016.

Photo gallery from environmental education of kids with special needs

Photo gallery of iSea successfully participated in Summer Scholl 2016

Photo gallery of cleanup of Pamvotida's Lake Banks

Photo gallery of beach cleaning event at Nea Chili Alexandroupolis

Photo gallery of cleaning of kavoura bay in Axios

Photo gallery from official presentation of iSea

Photo gallery of the 1st Photograph Workshop