iSea aims to create a Pan-Hellenic network of volunteers who will become its driving force. People with a common vision and interests are invited to support us with their voluntary contribution to the fulfillment of our work. You can help us effectively as a volunteer to propagate our work and support our team. You can get involved and support our efforts by taking the following actions:

new beach
1. Plan your own beach cleaning.
You could easily cleanup a beach and collect data about the area. You could find a beach close to you and contact us in order to help you design your cleanup step by step. Learn more…

2. Volunteer in awareness actions

* Spread the Beat the Microbead App and inform the people around you about the problem of microplastics
* Spread a questionnaire about sharks and help us to learn more about the public's perception of the oldest predator in the seas

3. Become a researcher and help us to learn more about marine invasive species in the country
According to the Greek Institute of Marine Research and previous surveys performed in the Mediterranean Sea, they have been recorded more than 986 marine alien species, of which 237 occur in Greece. Learn more…

4. Alternatively, you can enter directly into one of the iSea volunteer groups on Facebook and take part in local activities that interests you.
5. Finally, you can create a new iSea volunteer group in your area

What are your rights and obligations as a volunteer of iSea?
Click here to read them.

How to become a volunteer?
Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To apply please:
 complete the personal details document
2. sign the rights and obligations document 
3. send us an email with the two documents attached 

You will receive our reply within two days.