Home sweet…beach, keep it clean!









Home sweet beach...keep it clean!

Beaches are important sites for the development of human activities, from recreational activities such as swimming to professional ones such as tourism and fishing.

At the same time, they are recipients of a large amount of waste with significant ecological, economic and aesthetic effects on coastal areas. The waste that ends up on the beaches degrades both their aesthetics and the economic activities that depend on them, as well as their ecological value by affecting marine life and posing risks to human health. More than 200,000 tons of waste end up in the Mediterranean sea every year and on Greek shores more than 85% of this waste is plastic.









The project

The iSea project, "Take care of your place. Do a beach cleanup!", started in May 2016 with the aim of conducting beach cleanups, involving volunteers and aims to reduce litter that ends up in aquatic ecosystems, highlight the problem and the awareness of all involved.

Implementing a coastal clean-up is valuable for the environment, promotes the volunteer spirit and contributes to the awareness of the participants. At the same time, it can also become a lot of fun!

For this reason, iSea, with your support and participation, implements the "Take care of your place" program. Do a beach cleanup!” since 2016 throughout Greece.


Our goals









Up to date


To date, more than 100 cleaning and information actions have been implemented throughout Greece. At the same time, since 2017 we are trying to turn the program into the first Zero Waste cleaning campaign in Greece, by replacing all single-use materials with reusable and recyclable materials (plant bags and work gloves) setting an example of good practice. The program aims not only at the involvement of citizens (students, amateur fishermen, businesses, municipal authorities, mass media, etc.) but also at their involvement with the collection of research data in an appropriately formatted recording form.









What can you do?

Cleaning a beach maybe at first seems a difficult and demanding process, however, in fact, it is very easy and a lot of fun. Find the nearest beach that needs your care and contact us. We can help you at each step of the procedure by contacting and cooperating with local authorities and sending you our registration form!










Project's Team
Ioanna Tzioga

Ioanna Tzioga

Ioanna was born in Thessaloniki in 1995, she studied at the University of Thessaly, at the Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment in Volos. Her Bachelor Thesis, focused in the variation of phytochromes and phycocyanin in the port of Volos. She completed her internship at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at the Department of Biology, by being mainly involved in data collection.

In 2019 she conducted her MSc at the International University of Greece in Thessaloniki, at the Department of Food Science and Technology. Her Diploma Thesis is related to microplastics in the sediment on the sandy shores of Thessaloniki’s Gulf. She has attended various seminars about the Aquatic Environment and about Digital Marketing. Moreover, she has obtained Information Technology (IT) and First Aid Certifications. Currently, she works at iSea as an Aquatic Litter Pillar Director. 

Contact Info: 

E-mail: [email protected]

tel. +302313090696

mob: +306978050685
Katerina Katsaouni

Katerina Katsaouni

Katerina was born in Thessaloniki in 1998. She studied Environmental Sciences in the University of the Aegean, Department of Environment, in Mytilene. During her studies she focused on environmental education and green entrepreneurship. She has basic knowledge of R, ArcGIS and SPSS. She speaks three languages, Greek (native), English (C2), German (B1) and she is also able to communicate in Greek Sign Language. In iSea she works as a Project Manager.

Contact Info: 

Email: [email protected]

tel. +302313090696