Axios National Park Bioblitz

Join us to celebrate the biodiversity of Axios Delta National Park!

This October, a Bioblitz will take place in Axios Delta National Park to record the local flora and fauna. The park constitutes a natural treasure, as it contains hundreds of species, some of which rare and protected.

Before the Bioblitz, a webinar will also take place, wherein people will learn information about the local biodiversity and how to observe it, the pressures it undergoes, citizen science, iNaturalist Greece as well as information about the conduction of the Bioblitz.

The main purpose of these events is the dissemination of citizen science, the familiarization with the iNaturalist application and the process of participation to a Bioblitz, and, of course, to increase people’s interest and sensitivity regarding the local biodiversity and ecosystems.

You can find the Project for the Bioblitz on iNaturalistGR here.

What is Bioblitz?

Bioblitzes are events for the mass documentation and identification of species within a specific region. Participants take photos of as many organisms as they possibly can, during a specific period of time, and they upload them to iNaturalist. Therefore, owing to these Bioblitz events, we have the opportunity to “take a snapshot” of the biodiversity that exists within that region.

The results

“Axios National Park Bioblitz” is organized within MIO-ECSDE’s ‘Mediterranean Action Day 2021’ on “Ocean Literacy for All Mediterranean People: The Ocean We Need for the Future We Want” supported by the EU LIFE Programme (Operating Grant for NGOs).