Blue Crab Festival

For the 3rd year, we are celebrating the World Sustainable Gastronomy Day in collaboration with the Street Foods in Greece Association at the Blue Crab Festival, in Thessaloniki, Greece!

As part of the Pick the Alien project, we are looking forward to see you on Tuesday, June 18th, 17.00-23.00, at the “Umbrellas” of Zongolopoulos, where chefs Jonathan Harnett and Vassilis Pantazis will prepare 3 different recipes of finger food with blue crab, inspired by Greece, Italy and Mexico, in the biggest pot of Greece.

For those that are not already familiar with marine invasive species, like the Blue crab, iSea will be informing you about their expansion and impact, while recommending ways of responsible seafood consumption!

During Blue Crab Festival, Plus Radio 102.6 will cheer us up.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia and the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Find more about the Festival here.

Find more about the blue crab and other marine invasive species found in the Greek waters here.