By ElasmoCatch tags

iSea in the context of By ElasmoCatch project and in collaboration with the Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture of the University of Patra and the Department of Biology of the University of Padova , is studying the survival rate of elasmobranchs after release as well as the populations of elasmobranchs in the Ambracian Gulf using dart tags.
Check out the sharks and rays that were tagged, the code of the tag and the species of the animal here


Collaboration with the local fishing community is of vital importance for the research of By ElasmoCatch project as it is the only way of retrieving the tags. The tagging project of the Ambracian Gulf aims to tag 5 species of rays and 3 species of sharks.
If you are a professional fisher and have found this plastic tag on a shark or ray caught in your gear, help us by following these steps:
Example photos of tagged animals at the Ambracian Gulf:
The species of rays and sharks that are about to be tagged during the By ElasmoCatch Project