By ElasmoCatch

The project By ElasmoCatch focuses on studying the elasmobranch fisheries in the North Aegean with a special focus on discarded non-commercial species. The goal of the project is to collect data on the species level, for all elasmobranch species that are captured by different fishing equipment in the North Aegean.

On a seasonal basis for all 2020, iSea staff visited on board 6 fishing vessels: 2 purse seines, 2 bottom trawlers, and 2 longlining boats for collecting observations, measurements, and samples, using the protocol produced by FAO. For 2021, iSea will focus on small-scale fisheries that are the most understudied in relation to elasmobranch bycatch. With this complementary work, we expect to close severe gaps of knowledge regarding the impact of fisheries in the elasmobranch population of the selected area, but also important information regarding their biology and ecology. 

The project runs under the research permit of the Ministry of Environment and Energy

Project’s Team

Coordinator: Ioannis Giovos

Data collection: Roxannie Naasan Aga – SpyridopoulouNikolaos Doumpas 

Scientific advice: Dimitrios Moutopoulos