Expression of interest for participating in “EVMAR”

This form was created in the context of the “EVMAR” project aiming to summarize the available data of the entities which are interested to participate. Our aim is at the end of the project an open access database of marine litter in Greece to be published.
iSea commits that the use of all data collected will be exclusively related to this project and will be treated with full confidentiality and respect for the copyright regulations and privacy policy as explicitly stated in the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” of the organisation.

A few words about the new project:
iSea in cooperation with all participating entities, in the context of the “EVMAR” project, aims to map the issue of marine litter in Greece. In order to achieve this, the creation of a database for the whole country created with the contribution and collaboration of the entities which collect data from both beach and underwater cleanups, as well as the creation of a final report derived from the available data is aimed. The final report will include:
• Presenting all available data collected from beach and underwater cleanups
• Identifying potential sources of marine pollution
• Predicting marine litter hotspots
• Proposed actions for addressing the problem of marine litter