Become a Citizen Scientist

iNaturalistGR is the "gateway" of Greece to the world of iNaturalist, one of the world’s most popular nature apps and thethe largest group of naturalists in the world!!!

Some simple tips & good practices in order to record biodiversity! When you go out to explore the biodiversity around you, remember the following:

1. We treat the wild flora and fauna with respect. We do not disturb wildlife, nor do we destroy the natural environment to record them.

2. We must be patience while taking photographs. Take time to take photos as clearly as possible and from different angles.

3. ... but also while identifying. If you have difficulty identifying the item it makes sense! The more time you spend observing wild plants and animals, the easier it will be to recognize them over time!

4. We use iNaturalist to capture wildlife to learn more about it. Therefore, there is no reason to list on the platform our pets or plants that we have in our house!

5. When we go out for long excursions, we make sure we are properly equipped. Have a hat with you, sunscreen and definitely your reusable bottle of water.

6. We do not forget to have a good time! The aim is to increase scientific knowledge but at the same time to learn more about the species that exist around us by exploring nature!    

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