Internship in Biology of elasmobranchs in the Ambracian Gulf- iSea’s Research Base, Menidi, Aitoloakarnania













About the project By ElasmoCatch:

The project By ElasmoCatch focuses on the study of the biodiversity of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) in Greece and its interactions with fisheries, as well as the study of their biology and ecology.

Τhe project started in 2020 with visits to coastal fishing vessels in the ports of Alexandroupolis, Kavala and Michaniona to record the catches of elasmobranchs.

In 2022, the research effort focused on the particular area of the National Wetlands Park of the Ambracian Gulf. The methodologies that were developed in previous years in the N. Aegean were implemented. Also, for the first time, fishing-independent data collection methods are being applied in Amvrakikos Gulf. For this purpose, iSea maintains a research base in Menidi, Etoloakarnania, with permanent staff all year round, as well as visiting researchers.



In this intership position, the intern will collaborate and assist the Project's Manager.  
 Depending on the interests and studies of the trainee, different research activities can be explored.

A. Data collection on biology and ecology of elasmobranchs (e.g. life-history traits, diet, use of the area)
B. Onboard activities in fishing vessels to tag elasmobranchs
C. Explore Amvrakikos Gulf underwater, through visual census and BRUVs
D. Drone surveys to detect hotspots of presence of elasmobranchs and aggregative behaviors

Α. Adaptability and flexibility
B. Collaborative and strong team spirit
C. Punctual
D. Multi-tasking
E. Responsible
F. Time management



A. Interest in research, conservation, management of elasmobranchs and the aquatic environment
B. Basic knowledge of at least one software for scientific data analysis (e.g. Excel, R, QGIS)
C. Excellent knowledge of English

Previous experience in:

A. Elasmobranchs research

B. Scuba diving certificate



i) Medium/advanced knowledge in programming

ii) Diploma to fly drones



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