Launch of our new project “Updating the Greek National Chondrichthyans Checklist”

At least 63 species of chondrichthyans are found in Greek seas; nevertheless, our knowledge about their exact number and spatial distribution is limited, and thus further research is required to fill the gaps. Robust and up-to-date information is necessary for the development of effective and evidence-based chondrichthyan conservation actions and will ease the creation of a valid Red List for the species within the Greek waters.

Against this backdrop, iSea will be undertaking the update of the national checklist of chondrichthyan species of Greece with support from the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group. This project, entitled Updating the Greek National Chondrichthyans Checklist, is funded under the financial programme of the Green Fund “Natural environment & innovative environmental actions 2020” by the priority axis “Actions to Conserve Biodiversity”.

Within this context, an updated national checklist of chondrichthyans will be prepared via the collaboration of a large number of scientists from Greece. The existing relevant literature will be reviewed, virtual round tables and workshops with Greek chondrichthyan researchers and members of the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group will be conducted, an e-book containing the new official national checklist and information for each species in both Greek and English will be published, and hardcopy versions will be printed and distributed among competent authorities and stakeholders to promote and disseminate chondrichthyan conservation in Greece.

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