Lionfish in the Mediterranean Sea

The new book of the Turkish Institute for Marine Research (TUDAV) is in press!!!

The book contains 10 research articles produced by 24 researchers from 17 organizations, including iSea, in collaboration with the Department of Marine Science of the University of the Aegean and the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH). Our article entitled “The current status of lionfish invasion in Greece and future steps towards control and mitigation” presents the current distribution of the lionfish in the Greek seas based on the existing bibliography and our records in the context of our project Is it Alien to you? Share it!!! , its possible future spread through a prediction model and preliminary results for the nutrition of the species in Greek seas. At the same time, we present the public’s perception of the species spreading and the consumption of the species in Greece. Finally, we are discussing the current legislative framework and possible ways of mitigation

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