Updating of the Greek National Chondrichthyans Checklist

iSea in collaboration with IUCN Shark Specialist Group undertook the update of the national checklist of chondrichthyan species of Greece. 

Chondrichthyans (sharks,  batoids, and chimaeras) have been present in the seas of our planet for almost half a billion years, and are comprised of 1,282 species. Their importance to marine ecosystems is enormous as most of them are top predators thus maintaining balance within marine food networks. At least 67 species of chondrichthyans are found in the Greek seas; nevertheless, our knowledge about their exact number and distribution is limited.

The aim of this project was to prepare an updated national checklist of chondrichthyans that  contains all species currently occurring in the Greek seas.

For this purpose, the following actions were carried out:

  • the existing relevant literature was reviewed,
  • two round tables and workshops with Greek chondrichthyan researchers were conducted,
  • an e-book containing the new official national checklist and information for each species in Greek and English was published,
  • hardcopy versions of the checklist were printed and distributed among competent authorities and stakeholders.


Greek Chondricthyans  Checklist



This project “Updating the Greek National Chondrichthyans Checklist” was funded under the financial programme of the Green Fund “Natural environment & innovative environmental actions 2020” by the priority axis “Actions to Conserve Biodiversity”. Budget: 3.000 €. Beneficiary: iSea. Collaborators: IUCN Shark Specialist Group