Mediterranean Angel Sharks: SubRegional Action Plan in Aegean Sea and Crete

The pictured shark is an angel shark. Angel sharks are flat-bodied bottom-dwelling sharks and their family is considered to be one the most endangered in the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, 3 species of angel sharks exist the Sawback Angelshark, the Smooth back Angelshark, and the Angelshark their Mediterranean population has been classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, due to the severe decline in their population as well as to localised extinctions. In Greece, all the 3 Mediterranean species are extant.

This Subregional Action Plan was initiated by The Shark Trust developed by iSea in collaboration with The Shark Trust, TUDAV institute, WWF Greece, and WWF Turkey.

The vision of the Action Plan is to restore and protect these species population in this important area, by evaluating the main threats that the species are faced and by proposing detailed actions to be adopted for the accomplishment of the vision. In this context, three goals were set, based on the Mediterranean Action Plan:

  1. Fisheries based angel shark mortality is minimised in the Aegean and Cretan seas
  2. Angel shark habitat is identified and protected.
  3. National legislation for angel sharks is established, implemented, and enforced.

Find the press release here

Find the Mediterranean Angel Sharks: SubRegional Action Plan (SubRAP) GSAs 22/23 (Aegean Sea and Crete) here