New global study on the public’s perception towards dolphins and whales

Α new global study on the public attitude towards cetaceans (dolphins and whales) has just been published. The aim of the research was to study the perceptions as well as the impact of culture and history on the way the public perceives cetaceans, with a particular emphasis on the comparison between countries that continue whaling and dolphin hunting and those against those practises.

The study provides directions for future communication campaigns and cetacean conservation efforts at a global level. A total of 5,222 responses from 107 countries were collected and analysed through an online questionnaire that was translated into 12 languages. The survey involved 14 researchers from 10 research bodies under the umbrella of the European COST Action IS1403 “Oceans Past Platform” and funded by the FCSH-NOVA University of Lisbon and iSea.

You can find the complete publication here