Pick the Alien

The project “Pick the alien” aims to raise awareness of the local community and all the stakeholders in Greece regarding alien species and the consequences of their presence on the local economy, tourism, indigenous species, and environment, and to human health. At the same time an effort is made to promote the consumption of edible alien species as a mitigation measure to their expansion and the growth of their population.

Expected results:

  • Informing the community about alien species in Greece, the poisonous and toxic ones and their negative effects. Through the awareness campaign of the project and the events that made within the framework of the project, we aim at informing the audience about the existing alien species  in Greek seas.
  • Promoting the consumption of edible alien species. Through the creation of a recipe e-book and with the contribution of renowned chefs participating , we aim to promote the alien species consumption, motivating fishers to target these species, contributing to the mitigation of them.
  • Training of citizen-scientists to report and collect samples of alien species. In selected islands of the Ionian and the Cyclades, we are going to cooperate with local ambassadors of the program that will help citizen-scientists to collect samples of alien species with special toolkits which are going to contain all the necessary material along with simple instructions on how to collect the sample by themselves in order to contribute to the study of the alien species.

    Restaurants where one can find edible alien species :
    (Upon communicating with the restaurant). Find the restaurants on the map below.


  • Mouragio
  • Magaya
  • To balkoni tou Aki
  • Apoplous
  • Thalassamou
  • Axinos
  • Glafkos
  • Ydroussa
  • Margarita restaurant


  • Youkali
  • Mouragio
  • Vitsentzos restaurant
  • To limani tis kyra Katinas
  • Apospero
  • Minos restaurant


  • Tortuga
  • Blue Fin beach bar
  • Porta tou Yialou
  • Antamoma
  • Apostolis

  • Giorgargos Fishing Tours 
  • Selene restaurant
  • Ovac
  • To psaraki
  • Afros Beach bar
  • Ifestioni
  • The cave of Nikolas
  • Vineyart


  •  Vardiola restaurant


Ambassadors of "Pick the alien" in Cyclades:

Ambassadors of "Pick the alien" in the Ionian:

Map with local ambassadors:


Informative material




The project “Pick the alien” is funded by the Cyclades Preservation Fund and Ionian Environmental Foundation and is supported by the Marine Protected Area “Theran Sea”.  

Funder for 2019, Cyclades Preservation Fund: 3.000 € The gastronomical events taking place in Ionian islands Lefkas and Zante will be held in collaboration with "Greek Food Cartel".

Funder for 2020, Ionian Environmental Foundation & Cyclades Preservation Fund: 19.500€

Find the final report for 2019 here