Places to visit

Thessaloniki is surrounded by unique landscapes of ecological value and stunning wetlands of international importance!

On the western shores of Thermaikos Gulf you can visit Axios Delta-Loudias-Aliakmonas National Park, a wetland complex of estuaries, salt marshes and lagoons that provide an important habitat for wildlife and ecosystem services to the local communities and beyond. The National Park begins just 10 km southwest of the city of Thessaloniki, where Kalochori lagoon is located and you can reach it with the city Bus 40 from behind the railway station of Thessaloniki. To visit other parts of the National Park, you require a vehicle and the drive is 20 minutesfrom the city center.

On the east side of Thermaikos Gulf, there are two more Protected Areas, the lagoons of Epanomi and Aggelochori, and only one breath away from sandy beaches where you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters, with a view of Mount Olympus. To reach these, you can use public transport from the IKEA station. Bus 77 reaches Aggelochori city and Bus 69B reaches Epanomi city. Both places are about 30 minutes’ drive from the city center, costing up to €55 per ride.

You can find more information about the ecological values of the area and how to get there here.

In Thessaloniki city center there are a number of prominent archaeological areas recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During a walk to the city you can reach the White Tower of Thessaloniki, a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city, the large two-terraced Roman forum and the imperial palace complex with Roman emperor Galerius, located at Navarinou Square. Not far from the palace itself is the Arch of Galerius known colloquially as the Kamara.

Ano poli, Old Town, is the heritage listed district north of Thessaloniki's city center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most traditional part of the city, still featuring small stone paved streets, old squares and homes featuring old Greek and Ottoman architecture. It is also the highest point in Thessaloniki and as such and features panoramic views of the whole city and the Thermaic Gulf.

Reflecting on its long and rich history, Thessaloniki city center has many museums showcasing many different eras of its history. Two of the city's most famous museums include the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

You can find more on how to reach the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and details for its exhibitions here.

You can find more on how to reach the Museum of Byzantine Culture and details for its history and purpose here.

To enjoy Thessaloniki’s coastline you can sail to the nearby beaches of Peraia and Neoi Epivates where you can also book a ticket with “Karavakia” that conduct daily routes from the port of Thessaloniki and the White Tower. Find more about the routes and book your tickets here.