Together we clean Thermaikos Gulf

We create a better Thessaloniki!

iSea and Nymfi beer are joining their forces to in the context of the project "Together we clean Thermaikos", with the aim on informing the public about the issue of aquatic litter in the greater region of Thessaloniki area and at the same time to remove marine litter from Thermaikos gulf.

Preparatory actions

In order to highlight the timeless interaction of Thermaikos gulf with the greater region of Thessaloniki, statues resembling tails of mermaids were appearing in differents places in the city of Thessaloniki, in order to attract the citizens for the upcoming actions. The statues we "accompanied" with a QR code that the citizens could scan and get informed about the upcomming actions, and get some tips on how to reduce their own waste in their everyday life.

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Underwater clean up actions

Kellarios bay is a beach of unique beauty, close to the center of Thessaloniki, while at the same time it is a region with the highest concentration of marine litter. Aiming at the immidiate removal of these marine litter, iSea carried out an underwater clean up in Kellarios bay on 11th of September. The action was implemented in collaboration with EPOMEA of Thessaloniki and EPOMEA of Pavlos Melas. During the action, experienced divers of iSea removed more than 1 ton of marine litter, consisting of vehicle tires and single use plastics.

Reuse actions

On the occasion of the International Thessaloniki Fair, iSea was hosted in Nymfis' stand and aimed to highligh the value of reusing items through imaginative ways!

In the fair, the visitors were informed about the problem of aquatic litter and possible ways of reducing their daily waste.

Many of the marine litter collected through the clean up actions implemented in Thermaikos gulf were used in the creation of a statue with the form of a mermaid, which gave the visitor the chance to observe the marine litters that eventually end up in the gulf and consider the "trip" of the litters and how they ended up there.]

The statue was created by Sofia Tsirigoti

Beach clean up action

Next to the city of Thessaloniki can someone find a hidden treasure, the Protected Area of the National Park of Axios Delta, an area of international ecological and vital value for local communities that rely on the ecosystem services these areas provide to them.

One of these areas is the beach of Chalastra, which is located in the south of the National Park of Axios Delta and is one of the ecological "treasures", not ony for Theramikos Gulf but also for Greece.

From the project, we couldn't leave out the Proteced Areas of our region! Aiming at the removal of marine litter, as well as highlighting their unique beauty and environmental importance.

Thus, a beach clean up was impemented at the Western Pumping Station of Chalastra with the participation of the Municipality of Delta, the Body Management of the Protected Area of Thermaikos Gulf, the organisation "Action for Wildlife", the Environmental Group of the University of Macedonia, the organisation of environmental protection "Echedorou Fisis" and the recreational fishers association "ARION".

In total, during the clean up, more than 4 tons of marine litter were collected, consisted mostly of bulky items such as broken wooden boats etc and abandonded fishing gear, as well as single use plastics, cloths and glass items.

Floating litter clean up action

In Thermaic gulf there are often found "hotspots" of excess marine litter that are created after some bad weather and they are swept away with the currents, till they are washed up to the shore or end up on the sea bottom. These "hotspots" are often consisted of lightweigthed items such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, styrofoam, while often can someone find bigger items, such as barrels from musselfarming.

In order to remove the "hotspots" of marine litter, simultaneously with the beach clean up in the National Park, an action to collect floating litter from Thermaikos Gulf was implemented with the use of a sailing boat.

The sailing boat started from Aretsou marina, crossing the beachfront of Thessaloniki city and ending up in the frontside of the National Park, volunteers of iSea removed 10kg of floating litter from the surface of Thermaikos gulf.

Sea surface cleaning vessel

The cleanup of Thermaikos gulf continues, while in the context of the project and in collaboration with North Aegean Slops, the sea surface cleaning vessels "Alkippi", continues to collect floating litter from the seafront of Thessaloniki.

"Alkippi" has managed to clean during the International Thessaloniki Fair, more than 1.000.000 liters of sea water, collecting 35 cubic meters of litter, including plastic bottles, plastic pieces, musselfarming barrels and plastic bags.