Thessaloniki, being Greece’s second largest city, is reachable by different means of transport and well-connected to various important cities.

If Athens is your trailhead and green travel your priority, train is the cheapest option. It costs around €9 - €28 and would take about 5 hours of journey, directly to Thessaloniki New Railway Station. Railway services depart four times a day, and operate every day. There is also a direct bus departing from Athens and arriving at Thessaloniki Monastiriou station, departing every three hours, which takes 5h 45m and costs 42€.
If you would opt for the fastest way to get from Athens to Thessaloníki, there are regular flights with a price range of €60 - €160 and a duration of 3h 30min. Thessaloniki Airport is situated at a 13-km/8-mile distance from the heart of the city, which is thus reachable by car, taxi or the Bus 01X.
Regarding the Balkan Peninsula, most cities could easily work as a point of departure. Thessaloniki, located in Greece’s northern borderline, neighbours Skopje and Sofia within 300 km of travel distance. Tirana and Pristina are less than 400 km away, while Bucharest, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Belgrade reach a distance of 650 km. Ljubljana and Zagreb are the furthest away from Thessaloniki (approximately 1000 km).
Once in Thessaloniki, getting around the city is easy, as most accommodation is within walking distance of the centre. A few minutes - walk will take you to most attractions, shops and restaurants, but you could always opt for a taxi ride from the many taxi stands or through an app or explore the local public bus service and e-scooter, as a more convenient and affordable means of transport.

Apps / Websites


1) TaxiWay

2) FreeNow

3) Uber

Public bus service:


Scooter or bike rental:

1) HOP

2) ThessBike

3) FreeNow