Another scientific publication in the context of the project Is it Alien to You?…Share it!!!

Many times in the context of Is it Alien to You?…Share it!!! citizen scientists send us their observations of species that are not alien but rare. Yesterday we published a paper that contributes 25 new records of five data-limited species in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. More specifically the species are:

  • Alectis alexandrina
  • Ranzania laevis
  • Dalatias licha
  • Lophotus lacepede
  • Sudis hyalina

This study reveals that the contribution of citizen-science accounts for 58.5% of the total number of published records of the species during the last decade in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This signifies the importance of citizen-science both for scientific and public awareness. We warmly thank all the citizen scientists for sending us their reports!

Find the publication here