Cleaning of Kavoura Bay in Axios

There was a great turnout on the day and the iSea accomplished the task of cleaning the beach. That day highlighted that our beaches indeed acquire quite a bit of trash and that we all need to keep our beaches clean. Within the scope of the European “Cleaning Day” which in Greece is held under the auspices of Helmepa, the iSea will perform a cleaning in the bay of Kavoura in the Axious River Delta.
The cleaning will take place on the 8/05 at 10:30am. The meeting point for friends who would like to participate in the cleaning action is at the Halastra Turn. Those who wish to participate and do not have their own vehicle can communicate with the I Sea email, [email protected]and arrange joint transportation with other vehicles. For the little friends ( under 18) participating in the cleaning day, commemorative “ Diploma’s” will be given.

For event’s photos click the link below.