Coastal beach cleaning in Axios

With warm volunteer participation completed the beach cleaning event of iSea in collaboration with the Management Body of the National Park of Axios Delta.

15 volunteers with members of iSea and personnel of Management Body collected more than 50 bags with their weight exceeding the 100 kilos in only a 100 meter beach!!!

The beach was selected by the Management Body as it had never been cleaned before. The bulk of the waste was from the fishing activities taking place in the area with the main source being the mussel farms. The next target of iSea is in cooperation with the Management Body to try to sensitize the fishing community in the area. Finally, the team visited the information center of the Management Body where all participants were informed about the history and importance of the National Park’s biodiversity, and given information material and ecological bags by the Agency as a gift. For the event’s photos clik on the link below.

The appointment was renewed in spring for new joint actions!