Environmental education of kids with special needs

We can all love and protect the environment.


There are no discriminations in nature! iSea supports  the special education

ISea organized an environmental educational weekend (14-15 July) for kids with special needs in cooperation with a specialized psychologist and Asterion Draseis group. We had great time, we worked with incredible children. We created paintings, we learned about the protected marine animals of Hellenic Seas and we played games. We also learned about recycling and how to reduce our waste.

The children of special education can be active members of the society, they can contribute on the protection of environment and they can support the actions of dedicated bodies and organizations that are already active on  conservation. The programs of environmental education we believe that should be ideally applied on special education and typical education to create responsible citizens.  Everybody can support the conservation of the Oceans and learn the value of a healthy environment.

For event’s photos click on the link below