Press Release: “Prosfero” Attica-Salamina

In the context of “Prosfero” project, a common venture between iSea, P&G and AB Vasilopoulos for cleaner greek coasts and beaches, on the first ten days of October 2022, we visited Attica, and made 10 additional coastal and underwater cleaning actions  happen, on beaches and ports of Athens and Salamina.

As part of the program which has been implemented since 2018, a total of 210 underwater and coastal cleaning actions have been carried out, while more than 77 tons of waste have been collected and removed from beaches and seas all over Greece. More than 1,500 volunteers have participated in this effort, including students, divers and a number of clubs, that are informed about the problem of aquatic litter in our country as well as the correct prevention practices and reduction of waste in their daily lives. The start of the recent clean-up actions was also marked by 2 informative events and a screening film on the topic of sea protection and ways to prevent and reduce pollution of the marine environment. Specifically, the actions that took place throughout Attica were:

• 2 underwater and 3 coastal clean ups in Attica
• 2 underwater και 3 coastal in Salamina

According to record keeping while following the protocol of the Framework Directive for Maritime Strategy almost 900 kg of waste, 81% of which was plastic was removed and the most common waste found on almost all beaches were gobs and small pieces of plastic, during the actions of coastal clean-ups in Athens and Salamis. During the underwater clean-ups, more than 700 kg of aquatic litter were collected, 73% of the litter were plastic items and 13% were metal objects. The 2 most common items of litter that were removed from the seabed were plastic bottles and aluminum soft drink cans. 

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