Aquatic Litter is a major cross-border issue with environmental, social, and economic implications. The modern way of life that leads to uncontrolled consumption, as well as the long-term improper management of waste, has made aquatic litter one of the major environmental issues in the world. In order to deal with it, it is imperative to change the mentality and to make and implement correct political decisions immediately. iSea through its projects focuses on the investigation of the composition and distribution of waste along the coasts and seabeds of Greece, but also on interventions for the reduction and proper management of waste. An additional purpose is to inform and raise awareness of target groups for their active involvement in addressing the issue, as well as the adoption of good practices to reduce their waste.


Fishing For Litter Project

The project by A. C. Laskaridis Foundation aims at the participation of the fishing industry in the reduction of marine litter.

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Awareness Raising Campaign against Plastic Debris and Microplastics in the Greek Seas

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AB Vasilopoulos and Procter & Gamble support our efforts for a cleaner and healthy sea. In the context of the project ¨Prosfero¨ more than 50 zero-waste beach clean-ups and 20 educational school visits took place.

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Eco-Conscious Minds to Stop Pollution in the Valuable Wetlands of Black Sea Basin- BIOLEARN

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Piloting Marine Litter Prevention and Mitigation Action

Marine litter prevention and mitigation actions by showcasing marine litter measures in 10 Mediterranean MPAs.

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Home sweet… beach, keep it clean!!!

You could easily clean up a beach and collect data about the area. You could find a beach close to you and contact us in order to help you design your cleanup step by step!

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