Piloting Marine Litter Prevention and Mitigation Action

Marine litter prevention and mitigation actions lie at the heart of the Plastic Busters MPAs project. With the support of MIO – ECSDE iSea implemented the pilot action for the marine litter prevention and mitigation measure in the Thermaikos Gulf Marine Protected Areas.

The action was implemented in collaboration with the Management Authority of Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas and BlueCycle.

This is a measure that refers to the involvement of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the collection and proper management of abandoned, lost and discarded derelict fishing gear (ALDFG). The causes of ALDFG are numerous and vary between and within fisheries and aquaculture. Direct causes of ALDFG include operational fishing factors, such as weather, making it more likely that gear will be left or discarded; illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing; gear retrieval and gear disposal costs; gear conflicts; vandalism and/or theft. Indirect causes include the unavailability of onshore waste disposal facilities, their accessibility and cost of use. Within this measure special emphasis was placed on Styrofoam boxes – this has been identified as one of the most commonly found litter items in the Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas.

Lines of action

  •  Monitor and assess the presence of ALDFG;
  •  Promote best practices among the fisheries and aquaculture sectors for the proper collection and management of ALDFG;
  •  Set up a derelict fishing gear management scheme and install collection bins in selected sites;

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