Angelochori Clean up

iSea, in the context of the awareness raising campaign against plastic debris and microplastics in Greek seas, #zeroplastic, carried out a coastal cleanup in Aggelochori, in collaboration with the management of protected areas of Thermaikos and under the auspices of the Municipality of Thermaikos!

The 53rd Primary School of Thessaloniki, the YMCA Thessaloniki volunteer’s group, the Student Environmental Group of University of Macedonia, the Cultural Association of Aggelochori and the Lions club, participated at the Cleanup. In total, more than 80 volunteers  collected more than 110 bags of litter, 5 car tires, one barrel of aquaculture and 3 fishnets that were more than 3 meters long. About 900 kg were collected. Representatives of the corresponding Municipality actively participated in the cleanup and removed the collected litter.

We thank all the participants and OASTH which supported the action by ensurring trasportation for the volunteers!