Corfu coastal cleanup

Aiming at raising awareness against plastic debris and microplastics in the Greek seas, in the context of #zeroplastic, iSea carried out 2 informative events on April 5th and 6th in Corfu Town and also in the environmental centre of Corfu in Alykes Leukimmis. The presentation was about the problem of marine litters, the #zeroplastic campaign and the iSea activities.  

The event was also attended by artist Trudi Lloyd Williams presenting her sculpture, which was made of recycled disposable plastic. “Lefkaxit” is a frame, a frame overlooking the lagoon.

On 6th of April, after the informative event, where the history of Alykes was presented by Mr. Alekos Chrysikopoulos, a coastal cleanup was carried out in Alikes in Lefkimmi where more than of 400 Kg of waste and bulky items were collected. In addition, we were informed by Mr Giannis Gasteratos about the bird fauna.

On 7th of April, a cleanup was carried out in Erimitis beaches on the northeastern part of the island where more than of 500 Kg of waste and bulky items were collected.

The events carried out by the support of Kostas Kaloudis, Let’s do it Greece, let’s do this Corfu! ας δράσουμε Κερκυρα!, the Environmental Education Center of Corfu, the Club “Erimitis Plous”, and the PLOUS bookstore.