Putting the spotlight on Mediterranean angel sharks

Mediterranean Angel Sharks: Regional Action Plan

Angel Sharks are chondrichthyans that live in tropical and subtropical coastal waters and growing to over 1.5 metres long, angel sharks are at risk from fishing and habitat degradation. Three species of Critically Endangered angel sharks are present in the Mediterranean – Sawback Angelshark Squatina aculeata, Smoothback Angelshark Squatina oculata, and Angelshark Squatina squatina. With over 20 coastal states and territories, the complex nature of the Mediterranean creates further need for highly collaborative action to build capacity for angel shark conservation. For this reason, the Mediterranean Angel Sharks: Regional Action Plan was developed to provides a framework for conservation action for angel sharks in the Mediterranean, focuses on the main threats that the species face, mortality related to fisheries and habitat degradation and aims in restoring to robust populations fulfilling their ecological roles in healthy ecosystems.

iSea contributed to the development of the Regional Action Plan and in collaboration with other scientists is responsible for developing the Subregional Action Plan for the Aegean, the Cretan, and the Ionian Sea. 

The Action Plan was initiated and led by Shark Trust and an array of organisations from within the Angel Shark Conservation Network and across the Mediterranean, as well as with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (SPA/RAC) in accordance with scientific knowledge and the special characteristic of the area.

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